"Afterglow is arguably the most cinematically profound ski movie ever made"


BACKGROUND To help Philips promote their new line of TVs, our strategy was to focus the marketing on their unique feature Ambilight (a technique made out of small LED spotlights behind the TV that creates a larger image) rather than promoting the actual TV. When buying a TV, it is hard to for a consumer to make a decision based on the regular features that Philips, LG, Samsung and other brands offer since they all are more or less the same - but Ambilight is unique for Philips and something that differentiates them from the competition.

STRATEGY To communicate the power of Ambilight to a young, tech-savvy and mostly male dominated target audience, we applied the amazing light technique to something that we knew would catch their attention; the world of extreme sports. We aimed to create the most visually stunning ski film ever made. If we could do that, we would gain the attention and respect from a demanding ski community - and if bloggers, skiers and top players in extreme sports would be amazed by the film, it would shorly spread to its fan base. And so it did. By being picked up and celebrated all over the ski community, Afterglow went viral all over social media and won several awards in different film festivals and advertising competitions.

RESULT Afterglow was a massive hit, with buzz starting long before the premiere, due to several awards in ski film festivals; including IF3, Powder Awards, DAFF, Mt Baker Film Fest, official selection in BOFF, EOFT, Homer Outdoor Film Festival, finalist in BANFF and many more. The film was praised all over the world and received over 2 million views on Youtube and Vimeo with tens of thousands of viewers commenting on the amazing effects of the ambilight technology. It also won several awards in advertising competitions, including Guldägget. The technology Ambilight became a world known phenomenon and the brand Philips went on to being known as a game changer. It moved the brand into a category of artistry, creativity and progressiveness.




Made by Ahlstrand & Wållgren and Sweetgrass Productions